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Birthday Party Packages

We offer 4 different packages in total. Two options at our farm and two options at a location of your choosing.
i.e. your house, a park, church or community center with their permission.

On the farm

Option 1:
Parties of ten kids @ our farm. You get full use of the 20'x20' bouncy castle and hand led rides on a pony for up to 3 hours. (Includes a 30-60 min break for the pony and for the kids, to eat and open presents). You can bring food, presents and a cake here if you wish. Use of a bb-q provided.
Only $420 + HST

Option 2:
The same, but we supply hot dogs and a variety of juices (any special requests for food other than regular hot dogs and juice are up to you - extra charges will apply) AND a designer cake with our cartoon pony's on the cake (see images above). The cake will read "happy Birthday" and the child’s name or whatever you want. At the end, every child leaves with their choice of either a cowboy hat or a princess tiara. All you have to bring is the ten kids and the presents if you wish. We provide everything else. Plates, forks, napkins and cups and clean up.
ONLY $600 + HST

Your location

We also offer 2 packages to bring the ponyz to your house or a park as well.

Option 1:
Hand lead rides on a pony for up to 3 hours (including a small break for the pony about half way through) but excludes the bouncy castle.
$320 + HST

Option 2:
The same as option 1 but includes the 20'x20' bouncy castle.
$600 +HST
Hamilton and surrounding areas only.

Please inquire for out of town pricing. (The bouncy castle and pony’s have 2 be delivered separate in 2 trips)

∗ Note: This does not include food, drinks and cake etc. The designer cake can be added for $100.00 HST incl.
∗∗ Other info:
For all options, an additional pony can be added or a horse for the adults for $100.
Please note to accommodate both a pony and the bouncy castle comfortably, a USABLE area of no less than 60’x60’ should be available.
Full toe shoes and Helmets must be worn by all children. We supply helmets, but children’s own bicycle helmets may be worn if preferred.
And YES, we clean up any "presents" the hoses may try to leave behind.

Thank you for contacting Party Pony'z.